Season Trends: Faux Fur Vest


June 11, 2016

Till now addiction of youth was limited to collection of beautiful earrings, leather shoes and some black pieces of clothing but today most of them confess that they have recently added one more thing to their style and that is Fur Vests. Well… present generation is more in love with these amazing faux fur collections and mostly spend time to check for the best pieces available online as well as in nearby stores. The addiction is further extended to fur coats, fur hats, fur bags as well as fur collars; no doubt to say that they are seasons best collection ever and look graceful on every occasion as well as best suited for day out.

These days, you might have observed your favourite celebrities wearing attractive faux fur vests on screen and they catch our eyes to those beautiful and stylish clothing. Girls start collecting them from tiny short ones to the long dramatic styles and now trend is to wear them with high heel sandals and flirty dresses. Oh, that’s really amazing and most of women love the knee length attractive nude fur coat the most as it makes them look more appealing. After all these, it is right time to talk about Fur Vests because they are now more in trend and are loved by women of all age groups.

Here are few facts that make us crazy to talk about faux fur vests women:

  • No doubt to say that they have gained seasons biggest popularity and are running at the top in the list of trends.

  • They make perfect tuning with the 70s obsession that is going to be more effective right now.

  • Fur vests are one of the most wonderful translational pieces available in market; although they are not capable enough to keep us warm but make us look beautiful when worn over sweaters, jackets as well as over repeated outfits. Surely they add more grace to your looks.

  • It gives much luxurious, sophisticated, trendy, classy and grungy feeling to wear them.

  • Every time you wear them with different pairing of items, they make your dressing sense unique and noticeable.

  • This is something that can add more value to your gifts if you pack them as a birthday gift of your best friend. Surely she will love to wear fabulous black faux fur vest with a classy sweater.

Since the thought of looking glamorous, classy and chic makes perfect sense with these fur vests. This is right time to collect some of your favourite pieces from market and wear them with your trendy outfits; surely you will be able to catch eyes of all around you. It is much easier to layer these fur vests with casual shirts as well as thick knitted sweaters; they will even improve your style sense. Some of you may love to add these fur style clothing with leather jackets and tees; of course they will turn into a super sexy dress. If you are just searching for some good quality fur vests then it is important to know about best products available in market because their quality depends upon type of fur used to design them. With so many designs, colors and product ranges available in market, generally it becomes tough task to choose the best pair for you. to ease your selection, here we have created an overview of all popular fur types that are used to design faux fur vests:

  1. Mink Fur:

  • Durable, Lightweight, Elegant, Plush.

  • Suits best for casual as well as format attire.

  • Perfect choice for quality clothing.

Mink is actually one of the most popular fur type used so widely due to its so many incredible features. They are well known for elegant looks, lightweight texture and luxurious soft material that enrich sense of style and lead to perfect fit.

  1. Rabbit Fur:

  • Surprisingly affordable, ultra silky soft.

  • Warm and even with light weight.

  • Attractive sporty look.

  • Silkier as well as denser like chinchilla.

Rabbit type furs are loved by most of women due to their soft feel, versatility, affordable price and beautiful appearance. In simple words, they are wonderfully warm, lightweight and give sporty look with natural but stylish appearance.

  1. Fox Fur:

  • Warm, full bodied, fluffy.

  • Beautiful, glamorous.

  • Lightweight

  • Best to represent high fashion sense.

Fox fur is considered as best material for long faux fur vest due to their fluffy touch and natural color. They are generally available in red, silver, cross, gray and different stylish appearances. These fox fur type vests are best option for full sleeve type sweaters and will give you warm and classy feeling.

  1. Beaver Fur:

  • Durable, warm

  • Luster sheen

  • Soft underfur

Here is something more fashionable for you that come with natural brown faux fur vest type. It is designed to offer you unbeatable durability and warmth and the best thing is that the available colors look more fashionable playful.

Other than this you can go for Raccoon fur, Chinchilla fur, Fox Lynx Fur, Coyote Fur, Lamb fur and many more. All products are available online at reasonable price ranges; you can visit different stores to collect best designs and improve your style by making their perfect pairing with your casual and formal cloths. These stylish vests can make your everyday more stylish and classy as you can pair them with different clothing styles. If you are a fashionable and moody person then these vests are best for you and they can improve your outfit up to great extent. Millions of users are happy with these fur vests and they love to recommend these stylish collections to all others who are conscious about their fashion sense. Choose any of available fur types and select best design for your vests so that it suit you perfectly; prefer to pick black, brown colors because they make perfect pairing with almost all formal as well as casual dresses.